How to get Six-pack-Abs (BOY/Men-Girl/Women)

The Step-By-Step Blueprint to Six Pack Abs Gerard Butler in 300 Brad Pitt in Fight Club Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love Marisa Miller, whenever Common denominator? A killer sets of abs…and maybe a little visual editing/Photoshop. Everyone’s abs develop differently — the product of varying genetics, anatomy, and muscular structure — but the same … More How to get Six-pack-Abs (BOY/Men-Girl/Women)

Hairstyles at Home

I prefer images instead of writting down here that how to … because I think you girls and ladies understand FASHION by seeing pic only not by reading enough . Right ? Hey ladies now …. It’s time to have an experiment with your smooth and silky hair. So, let’s make it. Side floating Ponytail Lovely Pony … More Hairstyles at Home

Pro Makeup at Home

Everyday makeup can sometimes be a hassle, so when it comes to figuring out what makeup you should wear for pictures and family photos your head can go into an instant tailspin. That is, until now. We’re here to give you some easy makeup tipsso you can look perfect in your next photo, whether it’sprofessional … More Pro Makeup at Home